ITIYA is an ethical brand based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Inspired by our love for nature we create bags & accessories combining existing and new materials.

It all started in 2013.

We started to make bags and sold them in our store in Utrecht. In the beginning we mainly used old jeans and banners.

Then, intrigued by the possibilities of surplus leather (scraps) and vintage leather (used leather) we discovered that we could make beautiful, comfortable bags and wallets with upcycled leather.

The use of upcycled leather makes each ITIYA item completely unique and creates an alternative to mass produced bags. 
We love to combine a raw, natural look with African fabrics to create a perfect blend between simplicity and harmony.

Every item is made exclusively in our own atelier in Utrecht.

 Recently we've made the decision to stop with our physical store and to focus for 100% on our own brand.

We continue our mission to make beautiful and functional items while at the same time inspire others to live a more sustainable life.

photo by Ohzomooi



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